Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo update

In case you didn't notice the edit to the post below, I have finished my paper!  I've also started heartily abiding by my only-one-meaty-meal-a-day rule, and it's been going all right so far. The house is getting cleaner.

I just uploading a bunch of pictures, some I've had stored on my camera for awhile, and a bunch from this past weekend's trip to Seattle.  I'll post a few of my favorites below; to view the rest visit

Tollhouse Crunch

bookstore kittehs


Window cat

Monday, May 18, 2009


Edit: one down!

Also, I forgot a really import goal: get back in touch with all the friends I've neglected while I've been so self-involved trying to finish/forget about this paper.  I've missed you!

  • finish BA paper
  • clean the house
  • get a haircut
long-term (in no particular order)
  • go to the farmers' market regularly
  • eat meat only one meal a day
  • survive work this summer
  • keep the bedroom neat
  • buy more business-dressy clothes
  • do creative writing again
  • practice belly dance outside of class every week
keep your eye on the prize !

Saturday, May 2, 2009


New colors!  New author photo!  Hooray!

This is me looking forward.  Looking forward to being finished with my thesis (not quite there yet, but a draft is due Monday and I'm on my way), and moving forward with my life without something looming over me and reminding me that whatever I'm doing, I should be doing something else.

Which is why, as I explained ages ago, I haven't been writing on here.  Even when I'm not working on the paper, there's a voice in the back of my brain going, "Isn't there something you should be doing?" and so while I've certainly become an expert procrastinator, certain activities seemed inexcusable.  Blogging was one of them.

So, this me saying that I'm going to continue to be absent for the rest of May, and then hopefully I'll back in one form or another.