Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A drabble in ten parts: Part X


I have never been able to find my way back to that house, though I can’t say I’ve tried particularly hard. Whenever I feel I’m getting close, I let myself get distracted, and I lose the trail.

And none of my photos from that day came out; the film was overexposed. Well, save for one photograph.

It’s the very last picture I took before fleeing. A jagged line cuts across it—the broken lens—and it’s dark and out of focus. But sometimes I can just make out the figure standing on the stairs, waving at the camera.

Forgiving me.


Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope it's been fun. For the record, I had this story workshopped today, and will probably post my revisions when they're ironed out.


Anonymous said...

Hey that was fun. Love haunted houses. I was expecting a twist, but liked your ending.

Ayn said...

Glad you liked it. Re: the ending, most of the people in my workshop wanted more about what really happened to Bill...

Goodness knows, I don't know what anyone else took away from this, but I'll definitely be thinking that out more for myself and trying to see how it comes across.