Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey you, creative person! Want an Arbitrary Art Grant?

I think this idea will interest most of you who read this blog regularly.  From Greg Lundgren, via The Stranger

...I wanted to talk about my Bumbershoot exhibit this year that I am curating in the Olympic and Orcas Rooms. It is called Dada Economics, and I think it's going to be quite fun. I'll be announcing and producing (12) + Arbitrary Art Grants over the next 5 months in mediums such as dance, writing, painting, music, art dealing (hey the market's falling) and sculpture. Actually, sculpture is the first one I am announcing and even though the art grants are only $500.00, I anticipate the collective project to generate a lot of work (and yes it will be the good, the bad and the ugly).  ...Here is the poster:



to one person who builds a


inside of a steel grocery cart,

created only from the store inventory.

Build it, photograph it and email a picture to: before May 15th, 2009

On May 30th, a winner will be randomly selected, called, and handed $500.00 in cash. There is no application or judge.

Visit for more information.

This sounds really cool, and I plan to participate.  The website spells out the mission of these grants, which is in short "to fortify the arts community, reinforce the ideology that all people are artists and stand as a catalyst to create large scale group performance." Hopefully the website will be announcing each new grant.

In related news, I actually wrote a piece of fiction last night, for the first time in quite awhile.  It's not in any shape to display publically, but I will tell you that it is (surprise surprise) zombie-related.  The zombie stories I enjoy best are always the ones that take a different angle on the situation, and I hope to do that with this idea.

Anyway, when/if I participate in these grant thingies, I post my photos or whatever here.  If you participate, post yours on your own blog, link to mine then comment here and I'll link to yours.  Sweet!

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