Sunday, July 25, 2010

What I cooked this week, Episode 7

It would appear I spoke too soon regarding getting back on the wagon. This week was all about the comfort food--gotta beat this cold San Francisco summer somehow!

Episode 7, July 19-July 25

Grilled cheese with bacon and avocado
Grilled cheese

Not a lot to explain here: cheddar and Gruyère, with crunchy bacon and creamy avocado, on white bread.

Grilled cheese and creamy gazpacho
Grilled cheese and gazpacho

What better to have the night after having grilled cheese, than grilled cheese again? This time I mixed it up with some pecorino Romano, and a cup of leftover gazpacho on the side--a pleasant twist to the grilled-cheese-and-tomato-soup cliche.

Chili with kidney beans and carrots
Making chili with kidney beans and carrots

A favorite of ours from Smitten Kitchen, this chili is as easy to make as it is hearty. I added carrots for a little sweetness and crunch. Best thing about this recipe? It makes a ton, so I've lunch for the next week (at least!).

I'm planning a post on how to make this dish for midweek--look for it!

Baguette french toast
Baguette french toast

Half a stale baguette leftover from a weekday lunch became Sunday's brunch, along with some crispy bacon--a delicious way to waste not. As tasty as this was, though, I am about ready to give up on traditional breakfast items, which have not yet failed to set off our smoke detector (which is too high to reach).

Butter chicken with eggplant
Butter chicken with eggplant

A trip to the farmers' market is always a good source of inspiration (in addition to being a source of good produce!). An eggplant beefed up this recipe from Tasty Kitchen, in additional to the young brown hen from the egg vendor. I enjoyed this curry dish more than the one I usually make--with heavy cream and cilantro "to taste," how could it go wrong?

Next week: some green vegetables!

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