Sunday, July 27, 2008

Superhero of the Day Drabbles

Inspired by Elizabeth's drabbles based on the Word of the Day, I've decided to do something similar: I'm going to write a drabble about a superhero, inspired by Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day. The word might be reflected in the superpower, or it might come out in some other element of the story. I can't promise I'll do it every day, but I'll try.

July 27: Permeate

The terrorist had sealed himself and his hostages inside the warehouse. He had no intention to release anyone until his demands were met.

So, they sent her in.

Atomic Girl slid through the wall like a knife through butter; unlike a knife, however, she left no trace of her passage. She could not carry the hostages out with her, but she could take out the dissident and unbolt the doors from the inside.


Her date later that night ended early, like they always did. Just once she’d like to go home with someone, but she always slipped through their fingers.

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