Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life as it stands/runs/jumps/etc

After the holidays, I felt pretty much like I had my life sorted out.  Andrew and I had gotten engaged and I was moving in with for good; I had a great job lined up that I was excited to begin; I had finished my college classes; we even got a kitty.  "All my ducks in a row" was a phrase that repeatedly popped to mind when I thought about where my life was, and it felt good.

Reality check--

Getting engaged means wedding planning begins.
Moving into the apartment means there is now the apartment to maintain.
Having a great job means responsibilities and challenges and getting up early and being tired when I come home.
Finishing my classes means I should devote myself to writing my thesis.
Having a kitten means taking care of and entertaining her.

I'm not unhappy about any of these things; honestly, I didn't have things to worry over and plan, I'd be really bored.  But, my life has become very busy, and I haven't thought about blogging or writing much (besides my thesis) in awhile.  Perhaps as I continue to settle in I'll find that I have time I was spending/wasting elsewhere, and perhaps not.

This isn't meant as an excuse for not writing so much as it is an assessment of where I am right now.  And I like where I am, which is the most important part.

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Embly said...

That is the most important part! Life steps gotta take them.