Friday, April 20, 2007

The Challenge--

I've always been a writer. There have been times when writing has been more or less at the forefront of my activities, but it's always been a part of who I am.

Recently, I've gone back to an increased interest in writing, especially fiction, thanks to the realization that I don't have to write novels in order to write fiction--the short story is a perfectly valid (and perfectly delightful!) form of fiction writing that provides some interesting boundaries and possibilities that fits my style (very image-based, or character-, scene-, word-, etc-based) very well. I've written, or started writing, several stories in the past several months, and it's been really fun, so I've decided to dedicate myself to it more firmly.

I don't usually have much time while school is in session to write things that aren't for class, but I've started this blog with the intention of writing something every day, of some idea, a review, a few lines of fiction, a comic panel...who knows? To keep in shape, you know.

When summer arrives, I'm going to really start browsing for open calls that sound fun. Last month, I submitted a story to the Machine of Death anthology (admittedly I found that through Dinosaur Comics and Wondermark); hopefully I'll hear back end of May!

Alright, time to leave work and therefore the computer. Tonight I'm going to see Almodovar's Volver at Doc Films; perhaps I will write up a review tomorrow!

Also, I am going to put this picture here for hosting purposes:

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