Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shame and superheroes

I missed a post for Sunday! My invisible yet oh-so-present other is silently reprimanding me--only a little more than a week in and I'm already dropping the ball!

To be fair, a) it's still Sunday to me and b) I was terrifically busy today and was, among other things, writing a paper. So I still got some writing in.

If anyone read the gargoyle poem-thing, I hope he or she enjoyed it. I have a couple other stories in the works, including the postcard story and a couple from winter break. I feel like it's cheating if I just post previously-unfinished pieces on here, though, so I'm not going to put them up until I can commit to adding on to them, as well.

I'll end with this:

I invented a superhero the other day, as I do from time to time. This superhero is the Human Thermometer, and was invented as an answer to where the "feels like" number comes from on the Yahoo weather forecast. Yes, I know it has to do with wind chill, or humidity, or some other such factor that affects straight up pressure or [I am ignorant to the ways of measuring temperature]. But wouldn't it be more fun if this were the scenario?

Weather guy: Hello, Chicago. Today will sunny and in the low 40s.


Weather guy: Hey, it's the Human Thermometer!

HT: Hello, Weather guy. I couldn't help but overhear your description of the weather, and I have to say, I was just outside, and it actuallys feel like 33 degrees fahrenheit.

Weather guy: There you have it, folks. Guess you'll have to dress a little warmer today. Thanks so much, Human Thermometer!

HT: Just doing my job.


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