Saturday, April 21, 2007


I saw Pedro Almodovar's Volver yesterday evening at Doc Films, the movie theatre on campus. I'd been waiting to see it since I first saw the previews, but it was better than I hoped.

Volver had many of the same elements I've come to recognize in Almodovar's films--absurdity, violence, dispensing of the male characters early on in the film...the usual. But for whatever reason, this one felt warmer to me. A humorous and touching film that has rape as a main element and surpasses the "Fried Green Tomatoes" corner of the film world is rare and a joy. The movie was really funny, from the opening credits of all the widows polishing tombstones in the blustery east wind and Aunt Paul's absurdly magnified eyes to things later on in the movie (that I won't say because I hope you'll go and see this film), I never stopped laughing for very long.

I love the color in his movies, as well. Even the dolly used to cart the infamus freezer to the van is painted in bright patterns of red, yellow, purple, green. Mmm, gorgeous.

Almodovar is interested in issues of gender and family, and it clearly comes out in this film, perhaps the second more than the first. The way he contexts generations and relatives is very elaborate in some ways, and so simple in others. The end is really lovely.

And since I'm kind of rambling now, I'll just stop there. Go see
Volver when you get a chance.

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