Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Moments of amusement

This is a little pre-emptive since the course is not yet over, but here are some phrases that have passed through my ethics prof's lips during lecture that delighted me:

people are not just really bad parrots

Kant was really a huge science fiction geek

The Passion is an Arameic horror film

apparently Kant was a riot, and in certain respects kind of creepy

2700 boxes of books

I have three brothers: Joachim, So-and-so, and me!

nonesense on stilts

the tango-dancing epistemologist

[From Gary Watson:] Why should we care about living distinctively human lives rather than living like pigs or gangsters?

Here are some phrases from my Fiction and the Moral Life notebook as well:

Time eats its children (11 but not the 12th)

the Marquis de Sade should have been allowed to watch TV and that's all

a big book about nothing!

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