Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My story "Marbles" on Drabblecast!

As many of you already know, a little while ago I had a story submission accepted to my favorite fiction podcast, Drabblecast. As of today, the story is up on the website! You can listen to it in Quicktime format here or by visiting and signing up for an iTunes feed.

In addition my short story "Marbles," the episode also includes one of my drabbles, "Shark Attack," both excellent narrated by the one and only Norm Sherman.

If you listen and enjoy the presentation (and I highly encourage you to listen to all the other stories there as well!), please consider making a donation...that way I can get paid for my next submission.

In short: a Drabblecast presentation of "Marbles," by Ayn Sauer


Anonymous said...

Loved todays's Drabblecast. I thought the drabble was great! If you have anything else that gets podcasted somewhere, please let me know.

Good luck with the papers and have a blast in Mexico.

Peace and Creativity
Kevin Anderson

Pat said...

Hey, I remember that one now. I gave feedback on it a long while back -- still excellently creepy. Congrats on the exposure.