Thursday, November 1, 2007

Submission excitement!

Thought I'd let people know that I submitted the photo from this post to National Geographic Magazine's Your Shot for possible publication online OR in the printed magazine. I have no idea what my chances, but that photo is at least as good as the others on the website, so I feel good about it. No reason not to try, anyway.

By the way, in case you were not informed, one of my stories was selected for publication on Drabblecast, which is quite exciting. As soon I as know when it's actually going to be up, I'll definitely post here.

November is, as many of you know, National Novel Writing Month (I encourage everyone to participate! Both of my roommates are!). Now, I don't write novels. But I do want to branch out and begin again to write pieces longer than 100 words. The point of my writing drabbles is rather similar to the point of (the terribly nicknamed) NaNoWriMo: to write as much as possible. But, I eventually want to get more publications, and it's difficult to find a market for drabble. Most of my other work falls in the 500-800 word range, which is still incredibly short (flash fiction is anything below 2000 words). So, perhaps I can take this month to encourge myself to draw out some stories beyond three or four pages. =)