Monday, March 3, 2008

Photo dump

Some pictures I hadn't had a chance to put up yet, from various locales:

Various Alebrijes - imaginary, brightly painted animals carved out of copal - at San Martin Tilcajete, the town where they come from.

Tejate - a beverage made from corn syrup, cacao, and something else? It's pretty rich and rather peculiar, and there was a lot more of that stuff on top originally.

A tree outside the market where we went before the cooking class

Poster outside the Instituto for a screening at El Pochote in January; I just like the aesthetic. There was a less ripped one that I wanted to steal, but it's firmly attached to the concrete.

A hurt bat I saw on the grounds of the Instituto Friday. He would try to fly and fall down seconds later. I took a picture because when else do you get to be this close to a bat? I don't know what happened to him in the end.

Neat graffiti near Anna's apartment

By the way, I have some additional photos in Facebook albums that you can view here and here; I'm considering photos from there as well for my competition entries, though in general those are pictures of people while the photos I post here are the "artsier" ones. Thanks for the input so far!

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