Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Winding down

I'm sorry that I've been pretty taciturn during my final days here in Oaxaca (I leave this coming Sunday), but I've been busy doing homework, and enjoying the rest of my time here when I'm not working.

We went out to dinner as a class on Monday night; Professor Winter joined us (hooray!) and the University picked up the tab (also hooray!). We ate at a pretty well-known seafood place called Marco Polo. I had shark empanadas (tastes like tuna) and a fish almost the length of my arm:

For dessert there were fried platanos (bananas) covered in cream, condensed milk, and mango sauce.

Class is over in two days, one way or another (meaning, I've got dubious prospects for my final paper, but it's gotta happen), and then I have a few more gifts to buy, a few dinners to enjoy, and a few drinks to have. Vicky's sister Luz Maria invited me to cook dinner with her on Saturday night...I think we're making a salad with kale, apple, and a white wine dressing?

All in all, I am ready to return. Despite the ridiculous workload I've had the past couple weeks, this quarter was the break I needed to refresh myself, recharge, break out of a rut. But now, I'm ready to start my real life again and move forward with some things that have been kind of put on hold (job, BA, relationships, stuffs like that). So, I'm not sorry to be leaving, but I do want to make it back in the not-too-distant future. And there will be things and people I'll miss, but I'll miss them when the time comes rather than anticipating it now.

Alright, back to this stupid final.

Jasmine, DarĂ­o and myself

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