Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Un lagartito

I was busily reading for class this afternoon (read: chatting online) when I spotted this tiny fellow sitting on top of my suitcase. After many attempts at both photographing it (it moves crazy-fast!) and trying to get it to leave my room and go out onto the patio, we finally got him settled in a plant pot. This is not the first time a lizard has appeared in my room, but it was the most photogenic. Here's another photo, for detail:

Think he's related to this fellow? I took this photo at the lagoon near Puerto Escondido; the surrounding area is actually called Los Negros after these black iguanas:

By the way, the thumb in the first photo belongs to Darío, a high school senior from D.F. (Mexico City) who goes to school here in Oaxaca and lives with us. His English is really excellent, which is a mixed blessing (good for helping when I can't think of how to say something, bad because it's so easy just to revert to speaking English). We poke fun at each other and go to movies. He's a good kid, and the only Mexican friend I've made besides Vicky, and I'll miss him when I leave in...less than two weeks!

Darío and Martina, in one of her more photogenic moments

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