Monday, September 22, 2008

Are you ready for November 4?

Two things* have been occupying my time a great deal recently, and they are beautifully illustrated together below:

*the election and playing Katamari

I never intended this blog to be about politics (mine or anyone else's), and I want to keep it that way, but I don't think I'll be straying too far from that intention if I take the time to ask a few simple questions:

Are you registered to vote? Have you double-checked?

Furthermore, if you intend to vote absentee/early, have you submitted your ballot request yet? And do you know what the requirements are for returning the ballot once you've filled it out?

If you answered "No" or "Not yet" to any of those questions, it's not too late! Time is of the essence, however, as voter registration deadlines for the 2008 General Election are as soon as Oct 3 for some states; absentee ballot request deadlines are generally a little later, but if you don't request your ballot soon enough, it may not arrive in time for you to get it in (this nearly happened to me with the 2006 midterm election).

Here are some resources to help you out:

League of Women Voters

State-by-state information on registration deadlines, state voting policies, confirming your registration, locating your polling place, absentee voting, etc.

Long Distance Voter
Focused on early and absentee voting, obviously, but also has information on registering, deadlines, etc.

For specific information on the candidates and issues that will be on your state's ballot, Google the website for your state's Secretary of State.

This election promises to be a close one, and every vote will count*--make sure that yours is one of those votes.

*Yes, there are certain states that will go one way or the other in the Presidential race--I still vote in a swing state so that vote still feels pertinent to me--but you can have a lot more say in local races and ballot measures.


Elizabeth said...

"Every vote will count" -- I'm sorry, Ayn, but that's disingenuous. I will vote, and will register in California, but that's because there are ballot initiatives that I care about (stem cell initiative - oh, I'm sorry, regenerative medicine - gay marriage, etc); not because I honestly believe my vote for Obama will sway the tide here.

Ayn said...

You make a fair point, and I just forget sometimes because I'm still voting in Missouri--where I believe my vote will actually matter. But I admit there is a reason that I never registered in Chicago and am disinclined to registered in Texas (though I will once I move here more permanently, since, as you point out, where voting often does count is on local measures.

And while you may think it is disingenuous for me to say that your vote matters, I don't think it is disingenuous of me to encourage others to register and be informed about the process. Especially since I am not making a partisan plea (yes, I posted that bumper sticker, but you can take that or leave it, or register Republican to spite it).

My intentions are good.