Friday, September 12, 2008

Pot sticker/hurricane interlude

As you've probably heard, there's a giant hurricane in the Gulf headed for Houston. Andrew and I are fine, and aren't expecting much more than heavy rain and power outages in our area (that said, we've never been through something like this before). Consequently, it's kind of hard to take this situation seriously, especially considering that it looks like a beautiful day outside. But, we stocked up some water and non-perishables, and are keeping an eye on the weather sites.

That aside, last night I conducted the delicious experiment of making pot stickers!

They turned out deliciously. If you want to try for yourself, I recommend checking out this blog post on I made something between then recipe and this one.

The store only had tiny dumpling skins, so I folded my dumplings like gyoza. I made exactly 60--all the dumpling skins in the package.

They were so simple to make, and turned out so well, I think I will add them to my regular recipe arsenal, though I plan to experiment with the filling

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