Saturday, September 13, 2008

We're fine.

After we spent most of the night sleeping (or trying to sleep) on a futon in the walk-in closet*, our electricity (hooray for AC) was restored around 7:30am and finished out the night on our real bed.

*Our apartment is chock full of windows.

From what we can see, there wasn't a lot of damage around our apartment complex, just some small trees and fence sections down. We're supposed to boil tap water before drinking it, and we're supposed to stay indoors until 2pm, but we've got electricity and internet and food and we'll be fine.

My thoughts are with those who are not so lucky this morning.

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Leah said...

THis is Elizabeth's Mom. I am glad to know you are ok. I just felt I had to worry for Elizabeth because she was to busy to take care of it.