Monday, August 9, 2010

What I cooked this week, Episode 9

Episode 9, August 2-August 8

Chiang Mai noodles with beef
Chiang Mai noodles with beef

I had high hopes for this dish, another from Nancy McDermott's Quick and Easy Thai Cooking. Unfortunately, I overcooked the beef, didn't have the right kind of noodles to make "crunch noodle nests," and had an upset stomach before I even got to take a bite. So, kind of a disappointing evening. And even though none of these are the recipe's fault, I probably won't try it again.

Crispy-skinned broiled salmon and mixed greens, heart of palm, avocado, and mango in lime-cilantro dressing
Crispy-skinned salmon and salad

This meal, on the other hand, was thoroughly satisfying. The salmon took maybe five minute under the broiler, and I just threw together a bunch of fresh produce for the salad and whipped up a quick dressing using lime juice, olive oil (I would use vegetable oil next time) and chopped cilantro. This dish had a really summery feel; too bad it's in the low 40s outside.

Heirloom tomato caprese
Lunchtime caprese

My husband is not a fan of fresh tomatoes. I am. So, I took advantage of the face that I eat lunch at home by myself and bought some tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil for a quick caprese. It was okay, but the grocery store heirloom tomatoes made me long for the gorgeous ones I see at the farmers' market every weekend. Maybe next Sunday I'll indulge.

Omelet with Gruyère and heirloom tomatoes
Omelet with gruyere and heirloom tomato

Isn't it pretty?

Scrambled eggs, raspberries, and brioche
Scrambled eggs, brioche, raspberries

Sunday morning post-farmers' market brunch, with FM eggs, FM raspberries, and FM brioche. hooray!

Six-hour oven spareribs and corn-peach salad
Spareribs and corn salad

I no longer have the excuse of not having access to a grill--turns out you don't need a grill for great ribs. These, from a Smitten Kitchen recipe, were amazing. Andrew actually thought they could be a little spicier, and I think I'll enjoy tweaking the rub and, you know, eating them again. The corn salad, dreamed up by Jeters, also could have been spicier--I'd cut the jalapeño by half but wouldn't do the same next time. I'd also add the peach after warming the corn through; as it was, they sort of melted and got lost in the mix. Still, everything was delicious.

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake and raspberry ice cream

We topped off the ribs and corn salad with Smitten Kitchen's everyday chocolate cake, with a side of Straus raspberry ice cream. This cake is basically a one-bowl recipe and perfect if you, like me, don't want something too sweet and also don't want to bother with frosting.

I've been checking out a new (to me, not in general) food blog, so I'll actually have some non-Smitten Kitchen recipes next week! Also, I'm growing increasing dissatisfied with the photo-taking light in my apartment; during the day pictures get washed out, and at night they turn out grainy. I've read some light advice and I know the basics, and I've tried pretty much every room in the apartment, but I don't know what to do besides investing in equipment. Halp?

Also, don't forget to request recipe tutorials! Just don't ask about the Chiang Mai noodles.


Unknown said...

I liked the Thai Noodles!

Yvonne said...

You could try to make a cheap light box. One of my knitting friends has had great success with using this one to take closeups of her yarn:

If you have a spare desk lamp, it'll cost you under $10.

Ayn said...

I think I DO actually have a spare desk lamp. Thanks for the link!