Monday, October 15, 2007

Excuses time!

To anyone reading this, I apologize for being so horrid about posting recently, and I'll try to have a couple short things of worth up before the end of the week. Aside from being busyish with things besides the internet (like schoolwork and swing dancing), most of my energy over these past several days has been devoted to keeping myself warm in my apartment while our gas has been turned off due to a leak. Presumably (and I hope to any gods that are out there that this will come true) the leak will be fixed tomorrow and in time for the gas company to come back and turn on our gas. Because I really want to shower.

I have a couple ideas for stories, though. I also have a few older ones that I could brush up and get in presentable shape.

So, sorry for this dismal excuse for a post about excuses. I'll do better soon. =/

I was going to post a photo to make up for it, but the blogger picture-posting thingy is broken.

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