Thursday, October 11, 2007

Observations on bike-riding

It has been somewhat strange for me realize that I can no longer define myself by my not riding a bicycle. I rode my bike to campus three days so far this week, and I'll be taking it again tomorrow.

And I'm really enjoying myself. I'm learning which streets I enjoy riding on, I'm comfortable taking the sidewalks and riding slowly around pedestrians. I'm still going to walk when I've got my computer, and I've discovered a new challenge: wind. That really wasn't an issue this summer, but I felt like I was almost blown over on the midway a couple times this week.

Anyway, I am a bicycle-rider now. Boo-yah.


Duff said...

Yay! Bicyclists are super-plus awesome, in all varieties they come in!

K said...

Biking in Hyde Park is indeed getting quite difficult. Also, I suspect mine is kind of... falling apart.