Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mo's Bacon Bar: A Culinary Adventure (with Delightful Results)

The other day, I happened up this eye-catching product:

For anyone not in the know, Vosges Chocolate is known for their rather unusual--I mean Exotic--selection of chocolates. This one particularly appealed to me, though (also for those not in the know, I love bacon).

So I purchased one of said bacon chocolate bars, and just now we had mini sampling party.

Immediately upon opening the packaging, the aromas of milk chocolate AND bacon flooded our nostrils. Mmm. Really, there is very little reason to think this wouldn't be delicious. Bacon is often prepared with different kinds of sugars.

Breaking off a piece allows one a glimpse of the bacon bits perforating the chocolate.

It's really nice blend of salty and sweet, and the bacon is a little crunchy.

So, how did our reviewers feel about Mo's Bacon Bar?

Bacon Lover 1, Bacon Lover 2, and Bacon Lover 3* enjoying bacon + chocolate

*Names have been changed to protect the bacon lovers

1 comment:

Embly said...

bacon AND chocolate? that's just too much! must you push everything to the limit?