Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Or, Cumpleaños Felíz in Spanish!

I had a good day! I've had a pretty good weekend actually (I'll post late about Friday). Today we had plans that didn't work out--we wanted to go San Martin Tilcajete, which is famous for its alebrijes (fantastical painted wooden animals), but after walking all the way down to the bus station at the Mercado de Abastos, we found out that the next bus wasn't leaving until 3pm (it was 1pm), so we decided not to go. We walked back up to the Zocalo, wandred around, and got some ice cream (nieve) before heading home. Soooo much walking...and it was oppressively hot today.

We chilled at home for awhile before heading back out for Noche de Luces (an annual festival of some kind in the Zocalo); we listened to a band play Pomp and Cirumstance and some Frank Sinatra tunes before heading to the restaurant for my birthday dinner. Pretty everybody was able to make it (and fit into!) the tiny Italian restaurant I picked, Pizza Nostrana. It was delicious: I had sangria and two kinds of pizza, one with tuna and jalepeños, and one with tomato, mushroom, eggplant, and chorizo. I would definitely go back. Additionally, my friends bought me roses and paid a guitar dude to play/sing me a Mexican birthday song, and everybody paid for my dinner, which was sweet.

Afterwards we went back to the Zocalo and watched some traditional dances; I bought a shaw for an embarrassingly low price and we also bought some tubular balloons that were terrific fun until they popped.

I rounded out the evening at a club called Cafe Central that had been recommended and sounded fun. The music was good/danceable, the drinks were tasty and not too expensive, and everyone who came had a good time.

Top row: These lovely ladies bought me flowers; fallen petals; tuna (cactus fruit), beso de angel, and zarzamora and fresa (blackberry and strawberry) nieves
Botton row: moon over Santo Domingo; alebrijes at Santo Domingo; my giant balloon (I look ridiculously happy)

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Happy Birthday!!!