Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recent life and times

In a nutshell...

The pictures I posted a few days ago were from the field trip we took last Thursday to the northern pueblos of Yanhuitlan and Teposcolula. In Teposcolula, they were having a festival for Lent (I believe) and the town was fairly littered with the colored flags you see in the first photo. We walked around the marketplace and ate tasty things like elotes (corn on a stick covered with mayo and cheese) and helado (ice cream!).

Friday, I went to the mercado in Parque Llano and bought some earrings made from beer bottle caps and had some delicious tacos. This was followed up by a trip to the giant grocery store (appropriately named Gigante) to buy the rest of the ingredients I needed to make risotto, which I did that night. It turned out well, but it was sort of an awkward experience as there was really no one around to eat and I didn't know where anything was in the kitchen(also didn't know the words for many kitchen items). Later I went out with Jasmine and Tyler went out to a little cafe-bar (all the coffee shops have full bars), and the drinks and music were enjoyable.

Saturday, several of us traveled out to Hierva el Agua ("the water boils") which is a mineral spring up in the mountains kinda south east of Oaxaca. It's not a hot springs, though the name may be misleading. The water was apparently very cold (I didn't swim), but the views were nice and the air was fresh.

In the distance, you can see a large calcium formation that looks kind of like a waterfall.

Later that night we went out the the Zocalo, and I had some tasty passion fruit-mezcal ice cream, but after that we spent hours wandering around trying to figure out what we wanted to do, and it wasn't much fun at all.

Sunday = homework, and in the evening I went to see Santo vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro at El Pochote, which was pretty goofy. Learned that three of our friends had been in a car accident Saturday night--thankfully, they are all fine (they were in the hospital for a day or so but they're back now) though they've stayed home from class so far this week.

And that pretty much brings you up to date. You can find more information about the earthquake on CNN; it was a 6.4!

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