Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I went back to El Pochote tonight, for a special screening of a bunch of older experimental films. An eccentric band of dudes in top hats played along with two of the films, which was pretty cool. I especially liked a German film called "Vermittasspuk," which means "Ghosts before breakfast."

Here's what the El Pochote Cinema looks like (the photo was taken from the middle of the auditorium). It's located through some aqueducts, at the end of a courtyard that has a pond with some koi that hosts an organic market every Friday and Saturday.

I also found a tasty pizza place tonight that is about a block away from El Pochote that sells slices for 10 pesos, and Clay and I tried out a nearby coffee shop as well (he had some sort of apple-tea infusion and I had chocolate de agua (hot chocolate made with water). I'd definitely go back. Experiences like these make me want to get out more, with or without company. Maybe I'll actually do that.

Field trips and homework tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who expressed concern about the earthquake.

Parque Conzatti, the smaller of the nearby parks (the large one being Parque Llano), which is especially near El Pochote.

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