Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post 300!

And to celebrate, I am voting in my first presidential election!

That's right, Missouri and the Illinois mail system decide NOT to screw me over this year when it comes to voting, and my absentee ballot arrived yesterday. I've got to finish filling that sucker out, mail it in, find a friggin' notary, and my vote is cast.

Speaking of reaching goals, I had a thought yesterday as my bus to work drove past a campus sidewalk closed due to construction. See, there is never not some kind of construction work going on on my campus. Right now a new dorm is being built, as well as an addition to the main library, they're cleaning or reinforcing the outside of Rockefeller Chapel and Stuart Hall...and when those are finished, they'll move on to other ones. We have a gorgeous campus at the University of Chicago, but the view is always partly blighter by scaffolding. Which prompts me to wonder:

Is the construction construction taking place on my campus a metaphor for the fact that our education is never complete? (And that we must keep pouring money into it?)

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Alex said...

have you ever read invisible cities by italo calvino? you might like it.