Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recent happenings

The weather was beautiful this weekend. I enjoyed it first by riding my bike along Lake Michigan and spending some time at The Point on Friday.

Saturday there was a BBQ, and this afternoon, I attended the Andersonville 2nd Annual Dessert crawl. Three hours, 12 bite-sized desserts. There were two routes to pick from, one from 1-4pm and another from 3-6pm, with largely different selections of restaurant. Two of the locations were actually stores selling treats from restaurants not directly located on the route, and one shop was just giving away coupons (15% off a full-sized cake, thanks a lot) instead of actual edibles. Otherwise, the desserts were mostly good, if a little standard. Below are some of the more interesting selections:

For descriptions and more photos, visit my Flickr set. In the end, I felt it was a little expensive ($25) for what we got, and I expected something more stand-out from a lot of places (Ann Sather had brownies, for example, when they're known for being a Swedish restaurant).

Still, we finished off the afternoon with some beers at Hopleaf; I tried the Flemish Sour Red Ale, by Monk's Cafe, which lived up to its name (I would get it again; I found the tartness refreshing, especially after an afternoon of sweets).

Made pizza for dinner just now, with ingredients leftover from massive pizza-making efforts on Thursday: homemade crust and sauce, with mushrooms, mozzarella, and ricotta. Mmm.
The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, but it turns sour Tuesday. No big deal; I leave for Houston Thursday afternoon!


Embly said...

oh! were you at the Hop leaf on Saturday? I was there too! We went after the show!

Ayn said...

Nope, today (Sunday), at 3pm.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely pictures. They make me miss the city! Sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, and hooray for not being in Chicago when it gets cold!

Ayn said...

Well, I'll be returning to the cold... I think the nicest thing about this weekend is that the weather was a total surprise. It's been cold and rainy since I've been back, and I thought I had missed the good days of Fall entirely.