Saturday, December 6, 2008

A good day

Snow covers the ground outside.  I am polishing off a late-night snack of leftover pizza, following an excellent-as-always They Might Be Giants concert.  God I love that band.  Good music, good friends, cold-ass weather--all is right in the world.

Tomorrow begins with waffles, and ends hopefully with me having basically finished my last final of college ever (whoa?).

Good night!


Kevin David Anderson said...

Can't believe They Might Be Giants is still around. I saw them in concert when I was your age. Good luck with the final - Can I see some snow pics.

Not so much snow in SoCal

Ayn said...

They Might Be Giants is still putting out an album a year. One of the cool things about going to their shows is how diverse the audience is.

They've started putting out children's albums (their newest one is nominated for a grammy this year); you should see what your kids think!