Thursday, December 18, 2008

On holiday

I'm in St. Louis for the holidays. There's freezing rain coming down outside, and it sounds like it's going to come right through the skylights. Anyway, I have been keeping busy indoors:

Halfway there!

Ravioli with artichoke heart filling and fresh tomato sauce

Blackerry sorbet

I'm planning an exciting multi-course meal for later in the month; the ravioli and sorbet from tonight were experiments to see if I can pull of some of the things I'm planning (answer: yes!). In the meantime, I have also been seeing some old friends, sleeping in, and enjoying the company of kitties:

Leia in her chair

Leia is in my lap right now, insisting that I pay attention to her, instead of this machine (she reminds me a lot of this kitty, but meaner).  Andrew and I are getting a kitten when we return to Houston! I'm pretty pumped.

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