Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Because it's all I'm thinking about right now

I don't remember why I bothered to come to work today. I'm not actually doing anything. Instead, I'm reading things like this:

Welcome to Nerd Vegas: A Guide to Visiting and Enjoying Comic Con

I'm glad I read it; it reminded me of some things that hadn't been on my mind that are actually really cool parts of this kind of experience (or so I've heard, as I've never gone to anything like this before). (All this means is that my mind is filled wit twice as much stuff as before.) I definitely need to bring some kind of notebook to get filled with sketches. Or least with the potential.

Do you know what 130,000 people look like? I don't. I don't even have an inkling. That picture below is, I repeat, terrifying. Also, I am so glad I have a camera.

I'm not bringing my computer, so probably only brief blog posts and probably no pictures until I get home. But I'm already feeling...whelmed? Jittery? It will be good to actually get to San Diego and have tonight to chill out with Andrew and talk about what we want to do this weekend, because I can't really think about by myself anymore. AND I seem to have forgotten that the REAL point of going to SD this weekend is to visit Andrew. We're going to do things other than just the convention (it sounds like that's necessary, anyway, for sanity's and one's budget's sake).

I wouldn't have even considered going to Comic Con if Andrew hadn't mentioned it. And I wouldn't have really wanted to go if Mr. Gaiman wasn't going to be there (which isn't to say that there aren't tons of things I'm excited about, but that was really the clincher; everything is just mildly fascinating but necessarily enough to get me to skip this much work and fly out there in July). I knew Neil Gaiman was going to be there because I read about it in his journal before Andrew ever mentioned it, but it didn't register as a possibility for me because I don't go to conventions. Or didn't go. Not a part of my recreational lifestyle.

Two pieces of advice that seem to keep popping are: enjoy the experience you're having, not the one you think you deserve, and decide what kind of Con you want to have before you get there. Those are tied up for me--I really just want to enjoy myself. I pretty sure I'm going be overly excited and shy and awkward at different points of the weekend, but mostly I really just want to come away with really good memories. I don't want my Con to be all movies, I want to learn something new, and I want to have experiences I couldn't have had anywhere else (this will be unavoidable for many reasons, but you know what I mean).

Hmm, I am still at work and planning to leave in an hour and half. Should I maybe do some work-related? Yeah, probably.


Unknown said...

i think you've elucidated an excellent reason to go to work

Ayn said...

Because I'm there?

Wait, go to work or do some work?