Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A renewable energy source

When Jess got home, it was dark. After closing the door behind her, she made her way carefully across the room where the Lumabird was sleeping soundly in its cage. Its head was tucked into its chest and its wings were wrapped around its small body.

Reaching a finger in through the bars, Jess stroked it once, gently, on the head. At the touch the rotund animal uncurled itself slowly and rocked back onto its back. Jess caressed the upturned feathery belly once, twice, very softly, always in the same direction of motion. The abdomen of the bird began to glow--faintly at first, but brighter with each successive stroke. Through her fingers Jess could feel its body temperature rise ever so slightly.

At Jess pet the bird, it reached out its wings further and further until they reached the edge of the cage on either side. A surge of energy traveled through its outstretched limbs and into the bars, where it then channeled its way through various wires to the rest of the appliances in Jess' apartment. The apartment was soon filled with light.

"Thank you," Jess whispered to the tiny beast. The Lumabird cooed at her in its sparkly voice, from the mouth in its eyeless face. "Thank you."

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