Sunday, July 29, 2007

Comic-Con Day 3

We wanted to go the Heroes cast panel and screening at 12:45, so planned on getting to the center much earlier and giving up our morning to waiting in line. Looks like a bunch of people had that idea, except that they started arriving before 8:30am to get into Ballroom 20, where most of the BIG TV events were happening. We took the 9:45 Coaster and got to the center around 10:45, and we went inside and followed the line...all the way around Ballroom 20. That is no small thing, believe me; it took us several minutes to walk the length of the line. It started by the entrance to the room and pretty much wrapped all the way back around the door. We decided that Heroes wasn't that important, which was good because there was not way we were going to make it in.

Also, cross off seeing Joss Whedon in the room at 4:45pm; there were probably people in line at 8:30 for that, too.

We chose to instead go to a Voice Actors panel, and that ended up being awesome. My favorites on the panel were the guy...(I'll finish later)

After that we went to lunch, then came back, wandered around the floor some more where I bought Dave McKean's Cages, and then I got to see Ray Bradbury.

Briefest paragraph ever?

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