Thursday, August 30, 2007

Drabble Three

(This story is kind of an inside joke.)


The first thing I heard was screaming.

I turned around and watched in horror as the enormous, lizard-like foot came crashing down on top of the unfortunate hiker. Over the sound of the terrible ground-shaking STOMP, I imagined that I could hear a squelching sound…but I’m sure it was only my imagination. Something came rolling towards me—it was her hat.

Then the thought sprang to mind, What if he has friends? I need to get out of here. As the other bystanders and I clambered away from the scene, I imagined I could hear the monster talking to God.


Ayn said...

Should I send this to Ryan North?

Duff said...

Why not!?

Lauren said...

Geez Louise, you just had to throw 'squelching' in there. *shudders* These drabbles are really quite entertaining.