Thursday, August 16, 2007

Re: the visitor

There is a ladybug living in my room, actually. I first noticed it the other night, then tonight it was sleeping on top of my desk. Just now it flew over and landing on my comforter (I'm in bed). I didn't really feel like sharing bed with her, however. While there could be muchmuch worse insects to have living in my room, I still want my own space.

Speaking of much worse insects, there were meal worms in my arborio rice. =( I guess I should be thankful that I found this out before I tried to cook with it, heh. But they gave me the heebie jeebies, and I am usually fine with bugs. I guess I am just not cool with really gross squirmy bugs living in my food.

Well, this was a really profound post.

Actually, I have been thinking about some deeper things, because I've started working on my application for my major program. Something about philosophy of ethics and morality, and how ideas about morality are conveyed through literature and film. You know. I pulled some quotes from my notes and some long passages from a couple books I read for class last year; I was sort of exciting to be thinking about these things again. I need to have the application done by the time school starts. It shouldn't be that difficult...only 500 to 1000 words, which is nothing, but it's going to be interesting figuring out to phrase these ideas I've been playing with since the summer before my first year of college. I also need to seriously start considering what I'm going to do for my final BA/project/culminatory thingie. I would still like to have a fiction component, and should probably have some kind of film or video component, too...but that's going to take up a lot of time. If I really do go part-time my 4th year (which is actually looking like an option) I'd probably have the time to pursue those kinds of creative endeavors. It would be quite a workout.

I meant to at least jot down some story ideas I've been playing with...but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow.


Duff said...


Duff said...

In actual seriousness, I one time had to feed the animals of a friend of mine whilst they were on vacation. This consisted of a chinchila, a giant frog, and a old old lizard. So old he had various growths and didn't like to eat anymore, except occasionally when feeling particularly spry for that one day out of the month. Of course, no-one knew when that day would fall, so everyday you'd take it out, grab a meal worm, and hold the meal worm right in front of his face until he either ate it or made it clear he'd rather just go sit on his rock. They had tongs to deal with the meal worms, but as they told me, that really didn't work. You just had to hold the suckers with your bare hands as they writhed about desparately wanting to be returned to their plastic receptical with their dirt and potato wedge. Sometimes they bit you. Or clung as if they were bitting: they have very grippy feetsies. In short, I hate meal worms. It would be very satisfying to shoot them, gangsta style, though that would be impossible. Shooting gangsta style is perhaps the most ineffective stance, other than just flaying while shooting, and it would be difficult to hit a meal worm even if one shot properly. But it would be satisfying.