Monday, August 20, 2007


(A work in everything else on here...but I wanted to put something up.)

Some rain sprinkles. Some falls in drops. Rain can form a sheet like a wet pane of glass separating you from the sun, or it can shoot down from the sky like cold spears, stabbing into the ground and the hapless pedestrians who didn't make it indoors.

But this rain was like none of these.

With a roar of thunder it came crashing down upon our city like a massive boulder, solid and unforgiving. It squashed our world beneath its weight, superimposing its own dreary, soggy world over our own.

The rain was an entity in its own right, and when it invaded it left very little room for anyone else. As water finds its way down through cracks to anywhere it can go, so the lucky ones among us managed find our way into cracks in this RainWorld--spaces where the torrents were not so heavy and there was air to breathe, where this dark energy accidentally let us through. In almost every way, our world had become like a river at its most homicidal: it surged with a terrible force that carried dark intentions within, and we only survived by learning to navigate, to cooperate with the flow, to spot the passages through which we were allowed to tread.

But we were the lucky ones. Many were not able to adapt or never had a chance to begin with. The RainWorld was a great aquatic cemetery, filled to the overflowing brim with the waterlogged dead. And when the thunder clapped once, twice, three times loud enough to wake them, they rose.

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