Thursday, August 30, 2007

Progress so far

Well, I've accomplished my Drabble goal for this first week. Three stories in four days, not too shabby. I will admit, a large part of the appeal of this project is the instant gratification of being able to produce something so quickly...but I'm okay with that for now. I imagine that the sense of accomplishment one gets from completing a novel is much more satisfying, but for now it just feels good to be creating things.

Looking at the drabble I've produced so far, I'm seeing some trends... Clear beginning, middle, and end, which unfortunately tends to want to translate itself as hook, middle, and punchline. I don't want to write punchline stories, but it's so awfully tempting. I'm okay with the approximately three paragraph thing, and I know that I can get around it. After I've written a few of these I really want to start experimenting more and seeing how different sorts of thing I can get out of this restriction.

Anyway, they've been fun to write and it sounds like they're fun to read, as well.

EDIT: Also, apparently this was POST ONE HUNDRED. Yay!


Duff said...

Hm, I understand not making a habit of merely writing punchlines, it is still a good skill to have. I mean, everyone enjoys one every now and then. It is something like the idea that to have serious literature, one must understand how to make a joke too. Kafka used to be unable to finish reading his own stories to his friends cause he was laughing so hard, for instance (I on my second reading of the Trial found it hilarious at parts. In a very dark way.) I think something akin could be said for experimental fiction and the good ole' beginning middle end structure.

Ayn said...

I get a kick out of you pairing experimental fiction and traditional beginning-middle-end together in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

I do like this drabble business.