Thursday, September 27, 2007

Drabble Thirteen

The first verse is from a song I wrote a long time ago, a song that I usually play as just an instrumental. I wrote the other verses tonight, and they accidentally came out to exactly 100 words. Hey, I'm not going to fight it.


Sunday, lazy afternoon
Finds me in the drawing room
Gossiping with Gossamer and Gloom
We all know that Monday comes too soon

Feathers stolen from a crow
Cat's eye, and a glow-worm's glow
Mix them up and boil it real slow
And never, ever tell them what you

Outside, there among the weeds
We shall talk of our misdeeds
Then we'll tell our secrets to the reeds
No one harmed and no one ever bleeds

Sometime, when I'm old and grey
And I'm very far away
I'll remember all the games we play
But for now let's just enjoy today

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