Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drabble Twelve

I had this ready for posting yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't load. Anyway, here it is, a story inspired by a passage from Elizabeth's biology GRE prep book.


“So, what’s for lunch?”

I ignored the question.

“I hope it isn’t tuna again; you can get mercury poisoning from eating too much.”

“That so,” I answered brusquely.

“Yep! Apparently, some boy ate so much tuna fish that he lost his fine motor skills.”

Awkwardly, I turned my head to face it. “Could I just eat in peace?”

“Hanging out with you is so much fun,” it replied. “We should do it more often.”

“How is it that you developed sarcasm before you developed legs?” I asked.

The half-formed human growing out of my shoulder shrugged. “Just lucky, I guess.”

Yes, it's a punchline format, but it's also mainly dialog, something that I know better than anyone that I need to work on. Whoo hoo.

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