Friday, September 7, 2007


I spent a good deal of time at work this morning on my back.

(That sounds exciting, doesn't it?)

I was lying on the floor under my desk, trying to figure out where (and how) the hell to plug my internets back in. People came and replaced this desk I'm working at today, and they didn't plug everything back in. Turn out there are two data jack port-y things...and they back behind some metal plates, and poorly illuminated. I think I've earned some kind of degree in contortion thanks to what I had to do to find a plug that worked, especially considering that I couldn't see them.

It turns out that the phone plugs into the data jack and the ethernet cable plugs into the phone. Who knew?

By the way, it's time to face the facts:

I work in IT.

And actually, I like it a lot. When I started here, I thought to myself, Well, this is a pretty good job for now, but definitely NOT a career move I'm interested in. But I'm starting to change my mind. I definitely want more training, especially in web design, but assuming that I do get to increase my knowledge base, I could see this as a potential future career.

And, you might think that my office is filled with social incompetent dorks, and sure, there are a couple people who fit the stereotype, but most of the people on my floor are...well, hipsters. In the cool way. I wish I had their fashion sense.

Anyway, just sayin'.

And, if I had to say one other thing today, it would be that This Sounds Awesome. Who's with me? (I am also delighted that the author has an accompanying post which reads, "Getting a bunch of introverts to pull public stunts is harder than cold fusion. Lousy internet."

Okay, one more thing. Here is a charity that I can really get behind:
(Actually visit the site; it isn't just a bunch of horror movie fanatics.) Too bad there doesn't seem to be an active Chicago chapter.

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