Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It really is much too late for this noise

My upstairs neighbors are playing music with a heavy, droning base...and it is a quarter to two in the morning. They've played loudish music late before, and I've never said anything, because it's a hassle and probably unnecessary, anyway--I'll probably be able to get to sleep just the same, and they'll probably turn it off soon, and I wasn't even in bed yet so who am I to talk?

But it's in their living room, which is essentially right above my bedroom, and now I've been concentrating on it so I'm not going to be able to tune it out...but I really don't want to go upstairs and meet my neighbors by asking them to turn their music down.


It's like people don't know what the time is tonight. Someone just called our apartment phone, actually. And I know it was a wrong number because no one we know has our phone number, but I answered it anyway so that it wouldn't keep ringing because it was 1:30 at night! And yes, I'm still up and actually not feeling that tired, but who makes house phone calls at 1:30am?

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