Friday, November 7, 2008

Absent Friday

I'll be out most of today, as my mother is visiting and we are going out on the town. If it were any other month, I wouldn't make an announcement of this. However, I don't know if I'll get back in time to make a post before midnight, so I'm throwing this one by up of way of excuse.

I know the point of NoBloPoMo is to write a significant post each day of November, but I have a hard time feeling bad about going out and exploring the city instead of blogging. Do you think that deserves penalization? I certainly don't.

I also think we should change the hour that denotes that one day has become another. I stay up after midnight almost without exception, and my Thursday didn't end until nearly 2am. While I don't think we'd ever change the actually system of telling time an denoting the day change, I feel like my blogging should reflect that. As long as I've made a post before I go to sleep, it should count the day in question. Agreed?

Ugh, filler. Better posts other days, I promise.

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