Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. As promised, here is a post dedicated to the meal I prepared for the holiday.* I'm afraid it won't be too exciting, as everything (thankfully) went according to plan and turned out brilliantly.

I started Wednesday by making the cranberry sauce and preparing some things for the stuffing. I made sure I had every ingredient I needed before Wednesday so as to avoid the grocery store rush. Unfortunately, Kroger's was out of fresh sage Tuesday night, so I ended up stopping by Whole Foods Wednesday morning to pick some up, along with some gravy, which I had forgotten I wanted to buy, so that was happy.

cranberry sauce BEFORE

Today, Andrew's mom put a pie in the oven and we all went for a walk; it was warmer today than it has been, overcast and humid. When we got back to the apartment, I started on the stuffing (I had made the corn bread for it last weekend).

After preparing the stuffing, I prepared the turkey with chicken stock and salt and pepper, and surrounded it with the stuffing before popping it in the oven. As there were only four of us eating, I decided not to do an entire turkey but instead to just do a whole breast and a couple thighs (I like dark meat). It turns out that this was an excellent plan, for a couple reasons: a) fewer leftovers and b) when you cook a whole bird, the breast meat has usually dried out by the time the rest of it is cooked through. As it was, the meat was cooked through and really moist; I could not have asked for better results.

Turkey AFTER

While the turkey cooked, I prepared the mashed potatoes. After the turkey finished (about an hour later), Andrew's mom put in her potato rolls and I started the hashed brussels sprouts. If you like brussels sprouts, I highly recommend this recipe--shredded then briefly sauteed with lemon juice, garlic, and poppy seeds, they were crisp and clean-tasting, a nice contrast to the rich foods that made up the rest of the meal.

Mashed yukon gold potatoes

Hashed brussels sprouts

Dinner was followed by another stroll, then pumpkin pie and movie. Andrew and I rounded up the day after the folks left by watching some Dexter, playing Wii Bowling, and eating dinner. When I put it that way, it sounds like we ate again right away, but the Thanksgiving meal took place around 2:30 and we ate dinner a little after 9 (Tomato basil soupe from La Madeline and leftover brussels sprouts, by the way).

All in all, the holiday was a huge success. We may have started a new tradition!

Thanksgiving dinner!

Recipes for my Thanksgiving menu (I halved every recipe except the turkey and brussels sprouts):

*This post is dedicated to my fan, Kevin Anderson.

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Kevin David Anderson said...

Awesome. If I wasn't already stuffed, I'd be hungry again. I can smell the flavor right through the screen. Have a brilliant weekend and Happy T-Day to you and yours.

oh, its 10am here - time for more pie!