Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What now?

I have to admit--I've spent an enormous (maybe even an embarrassing) amount of time reading about the election these past several months. And now that it's over, I am not exactly sure what to do. Here I am, stuck at work, having finished my current projects and my boss not around to give me something else to do--how am I supposed to procrastinate?

Don't get me wrong--I am really, really glad the election is over. But we've got a couple months between now and when the next four years start to take shape.

Who knows, maybe I'll actually be able to focus on my research now. Or maybe I'll write some fiction. Or maybe I'll find more exciting ways to cook bacon.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have a meeting to talk to a Teach For America recruiter. I should probably come up with some things to talk about, especially since I am pretty sure that I won't apply. While I am very interested right now in working in education/education reform, the thought of being a teacher doesn't excite me. In fact, it mostly makes me nervous, and really doesn't appeal. Other aspects of educational organizations appeal to me, however: structural, operational, editorial (not so much development, in the fundraising sense of the word). And, thanks to my job this past summer, I know that there is a place in education for someone with my talents. I think I would work for TFA, but I am extremely hesitant to even consider a teaching position (and really, do they want someone that hesitant to do it? I imagine TFA does a great job of introducing people to teaching who wouldn't otherwise have considered it, but I don't really put myself in that category). So, we'll see how the conversation goes. If you're wondering why I agreed to the meeting at all, I figured that (especially given the number of TFAers I know now) I owe it to myself to at least ask some questions.

After this meeting, I'm heading to Wicker Park to meet the creator of Achewood!

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