Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A muddle of the disparate things that make up my life

"They're Coming to Get You" reel 2

"They're Coming to Get You" reel 2

Tonight, Clay and I made butternut squash risotto, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. There are photos on my flickr.

I met with my adviser today for the second time to discuss my BA research, what I've learned so far, and where I plan to go from here. I've been focusing on monsters--what are they (in terms of literature, in terms of philosophy), what do they mean, etc. At this point, I'm basically done reading theory (in the sense that I am both intellectually and emotionally ready to move onto something), and I'm going to actually focus on reading fiction for awhile. A summary, in the form of a list, of the concepts I've found interesting/useful, that will of little use to anyone besides me (hopefully it will be useful to me):
  • Monsters are transgressive, interstitial; they transgress the boundaries separating categorically different things--this is one reason they unsettle/repulse/horrify us.
  • Monsters may seem transgressive by definition, but it is more philosophically interesting to see them as transgressive by action--threatening to bridge unspeakable chasms rather than being born straddling the line.
  • Monster evoke fear, revulsion, and pity.
  • Monsters may or may not be evil.
  • Monsters may or may not be physically hideous.
  • Monsters force us to confront the consequences of overturned order--laws, values, concepts--and this is why horror fiction is a valuable experience.

On another note, I've applied for two jobs in the past two and a half weeks; I'll apply to a third at the end of this week. I will have a job coming January, dagnabit!

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