Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So, I've been in Houston...

...continuing the process of setting up the new apartment and enjoying my nice kitchen, the warm weather, and the time off from work and school. Over the past couple days I've been mostly busy hanging art on the walls and making sure I have everything I need for Thanksgiving.

I actually made the cranberry sauce today, but I'll wait to post about it until tomorrow or Friday, when I post all my other Thanksgiving dishes.

I've been getting use out of the kitchen in the meantime, though. I've baked peanut butter chocolate chip brownies, corn bread and, butter cookies. We've had a couple good dinners, too, two of Andrew's favorite meals:

Beet risotto and beef tenderloin
Steak and beet risotto

Chicken satay with peanut sauce and cucumber salad
Chicken satay with red curry peanut sauce and pickled cucumber salad

Red curry peanut sauce

The menu for tomorrow is:
  • cranberry orange sauce
  • Yukon Gold mashed potatoes
  • hashed Brussels sprouts with lemon and poppy seeds
  • corn bread butternut squash stuffing with sage, hazelnuts, and cranberries
  • and of course, roast turkey (I'm doing a breast and some thighs)

Andrew's parents are coming down to spend the holiday with us, and his mom is making pie and potato rolls. It should be excellent (and I'm getting really hungry thinking about it).

I'm using the Aspire One again. The tiny keyboard really isn't too much of a problem as I don't type properly, though I do keep missing the backspace, which is sort of irritating. I figure it won't take long to get used to, though. At 88% battery, I've got over 5.5 hours, which is sort of unthinkable to me, given the luck I've had with laptop batteries. I've got photos of the laptop that I'll post soon, so you can also squeal at its lilliputian proportions and its gleaming blue lid.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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