Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunny November Mondays, Bicycles, and Bacon-Apple Pie

Let's begin with the most awesome, shall we? Tonight, a friend and I accomplished the glorious goal of making bacon-apple pie:

Look what we made!

Bacon, close-up

You're jealous, I know. On the plus side, it's simple to make, and absolutely delicious. We deviated from the recipe a little, using a little over half the recommended apple (6-7 large apples do not fit in a 9" pie), cinnamon in place of nutmeg and cloves, mezcal in place of scotch, and leaving out the crispy bacon bits (because we totally burned them). And it was awesome. WILL MAKE AGAIN.

Would you care for a slice of bacon-apple pie?

Now, to return to the beginning, today was a nice day. Definitely nice in the sense of weather--a balmy, sunny 70 degrees, in freaking November in Chicago. Clear blue skies--gorgeous. I took advantage of the weather to go for a stroll around the parts of the neighborhood and haven't visited much since my second year of college.

Christ Scientist church - close up

Fall colors

After lunch, I went for the bike ride that I had promised myself. I went south this time, down to the 63rd St. Beach, where there is a pavilion from the Chicago's world's fair. The walls were covered in ivy; they rippled when the wind blew threw them, making the building seem alive, the movement similar to the rise and fall of a chest as its owner draws in breath and releases it.

63rd St. Beach - courtyard

I guess you could say the scenery put me in a poetic mood.

Fall on The Point

Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, too; but I've got work, then class, then lunch with an old friend, then a long date with the library. Going to see if I can make some headway on this paper I'm supposed to be writing. Perhaps an update tomorrow? (Hooray procrastination!)

EDIT: Oh yeah, I neglected to mention that I might also be FLIPPING OUT about the election.

In the meantime, never let anyone tell that bacon cannot be part of the dessert course.

Oh, and VOTE!


Kevin David Anderson said...

Now this is the reason I come to your blog, pictures of food and Chicago. Awesome.

Ayn said...


Embly said...

My only concern looking at the way that you made this is that all of the fat from the bacon dribbles down into the pie. Not that this isn't delicious, additionally pre-making the lattice doesn't make much sense. But I have this vision of little balls of bacon fat when the pie cools which is a little unappetizing...did find this to be a problem?

Ayn said...

The fat from the bacon is supposed to dribble down into the filling (there isn't any butter or anything in the filling for this reason), and I didn't notice any bacon fat.

The only difficulty we had with the pie, really, was cutting it (the lattice doesn't stay in place). But, cutting pie is seldom clean in my experience.

Anonymous said...

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