Saturday, January 5, 2008

¡Buen día de los reyes magos!

The Zocalo was nuts tonight! Tonight is the eve of el dia de los reyes magos - day of the three kings, and everyone was downtown. There were vendors everywhere, streets filled with stalls where there was literally no room to walk between people. The past couple of days we have seen a ridiculous number of balloon sellers, and now I know why: children buy balloons that have paper attached to them; on the paper they write letters to the three kings and then let the balloons float up into the heavens with their wishes:

After--you guessed it--wandering around some more, in search of hats (but there were none to be had!), we went to a restaurant called El Sagrario for pizza, drinks, and live salsa music. It was terrifically fun. We had four cheese pizza, and the crust had sesame seeds on it. And, to give you an idea of what things cost around here, I had four pieces of a "family-sized" pizza and two beers for 100 pesos, about $10.

I don't have anything to get for tomorrow; I'm going to stay in and do some reading (yes, I have several chapters to read for the first day of class) before la comida, and then at 5:30 our RA/Spanish teacher Anna invited everyone over to have Rosca del los reyes, the traditional fruit-bread wreath things eaten on this holiday.

Buenas noches, and may all your wishes come true.

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