Monday, January 7, 2008

The first day of classes...

...was alright. Not too much to report. Our history professor was delightfully grumpy yet enthusiastic about his subject. We saw some of these:

For La Comida, we had delicious lentil soup, beef and chilaquiles with tomato sauce, fresh cilantro, fresh cheese, cream, and onions. They were pretty awesome, and I'm not even exactly sure what chilaquiles are. (This photo looks pretty close to what my plate looked like, actually; the beef must be standard.) I should start bringing my camera to lunch.

After la comida, we went hat shopping, for tomorrow we are venturing to the Zapotec ruins of Monte Albán, which is high, and dry, and blazing hot. !Fotos cuando regresamos!

Jasmine, Clay, Emily, Ronan, and me

Before heading home, we stopped by the taco place I mentioned before, and I got tacos arabes lechuzas...the tortillas were slightly fluffy and they were filled with meat (grilled, not ground) and cheese). As far as I could tell, arabe and oriental refer to the type of tortilla (oriental had corn tortillas). Jasmine had arabitos, which had tortillas with harina. So, that's not as exciting as it could have been, but they were delicious:

After tacos, we had paletas at Popeye's. Yes, Popeyes. Paletas are like ice cream bars, or popsicles; Popeye's also sells hot dogs and , and is decorated with cans of spinacas. (By the way, the natives pronounce it "poe-pay-yay," and now I do, too, because it's really fun to say.)

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