Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The flowers here are beautiful

Wandered around the neighborhoods around my homestay this evening with Jasmine. I'll be retracing my steps sometime soon to take more pictures; basically the neighborhood spreads up the mountains, and the views are increíble. We also headed south, past the block where our school is, to find El Pochote, a free cinema that shows international movies every night of the week except Monday at 6 and 8pm. I will definitely have to take advantage of this. As Viky's daughter Alejandra pointed out, though, all movies are pretty cheap here, about $4 USD a person, and one particular theatre has a two-for-$50 pesos deal on Wednesdays. Not bad at all.

Since I neglected to mention it yesterday, I should probably say that yesterday for la comida we had a Oaxacan specialty simply called Verde (green): a thickish soup featuring green squash, green beans (I think), and a hunk of meat on the bone. It was pretty awesome. Yesterday evening, Jasmine and I tried out El Cafe Tres Oros, a kind of modern-looking, Europeanish place above the 24-hour convenience store, and we had giant, delicious, tuna salad sandwiches and limonadas. Today, we had a soup called Ropa Vieja, or "old clothes." I remember reading about it in high school or something...anyway, it's tastier than the name implies; it's a tomato brother with some veggies and some kind of sinewy vegetable matter that I believe is what gives the soup its name.

On a completely separate note, I have started thinking about fiction again! I've got an idea for a story, based on an aspect of Olmec culture that piqued my interest during class/reading. Also, I received a rejection notice this morning for a story I submitted to Pseudopod, but I've already submitted it to another market, and I found a couple other places I'm interested in submitting to. Awesome!

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