Monday, January 21, 2008

In case you were curious

Here is an example of why I feel lucky every time I cross a street without getting run over:

The gate you can kind of make out behind the bus that is turning right is the entrance to my school grounds. Meaning that I cross this intersection multiple times a day (actually, the only real trouble with this intersection is that right turn lane, because the other cars usually obey the traffic signals...right-turners never do).

And here is where I live:

The door from my room out onto the patio is the one above the house numbers.

Today I thought to myself, "What would I most like to do after a weekend full of difficult hiking? How about a couple more hours of walking?" Actually, it was something more along the lines of "I don't have any homework I have to do tonight, and I haven't been to the Zocalo recently and don't feel like sitting at home," so I went with Tyler to question airlines about how much it would cost to fly to Chichen Itza during our break. Turns out it would cost too much. Oh well. (By the way, I'm going to the beach at Puerto Escondido this coming weekend. That's right, Chicagoans, I'm going to go surfing and work on my tan.)

Later this evening, I met up with a bunch of folks at a restaurant down the street called Las Arracheras (arrachera is approximately skirt steak). They have delicious tacos for only 7 pesos each. Tonight I tried a tlayuda, which is a large tortilla, spread with black bean sauce, topped with meat, quesillo, lettuce, and salsa, and then folded over. Man, I'm getting hungry for another one just writing about it. "Tlayuda" is also just fun to say. After dinner, a few of us went over to Hui Lin's house and watched a bootleg copy of Stardust. Fun times.

Our final archaeological excursion (in Oaxaca, anyway, as next week is the Mexico City trip); we're visiting a site as well as the lab where the magic happens. W00t.

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Alex said...

Gah! 20 F high, with windchill as low as -5 F.

Enjoy the Sun, cause we sure aren't!